Once a year, Brand Movers & The Danish Marketing Association host the biggest Scandinavian conference dedicated to content marketing. With the bragging out of the way, the conference is not really about us – it’s about you. It’s a place where content marketing professionals, storytellers, copywriters, video-wizards, AI/VR enthusiasts, tech dudes, and dudettes all gather to learn about the latest trends and share their own secrets to success with likeminded.

You may also have to take into account the potential risk of laughing, singing, whispering, sharing good food with strangers and networking… in other words, there will be a limited risk of falling asleep or suffering from the much-feared industry pandemic,’Death by Powerpoint’.
We are now running the 7th edition of  #CCDK. The conference is still of a size where you are bound to meet some of your favorite content marketing profs. However, it’s also large enough to indulge in lots and lots of fruitful conversations with new relations.
Register Now and join us for Clever Content Conference & Workshops 2019 in Copenhagen April 9th & 10th.