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Presentations from Clever Content Conference, 11th April

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Pam Didner: Humans vs. Machines: Is Content Marketing Doomed?

Pam Didner, B2B Marketing Consultant | Fortune 100 Senior Marketer | Author | Speaker

Jaime Pham: The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content

+ Bonus Material From LinkedIn

Jaime Pham, Content Marketing and Social Media Consultant at LinkedIn

Lars Silberbauer: Building Social Value Brick by Brick – Not Available

Lars Silberbauer, Senior Global Director of Social Media & Video at LEGO Group

Jeppe Madsbad Lauritzen: The Contents of a Content (R)evolution

Jeppe Madsbad Lauritzen,
Nordic Marketing Director at Santander Consumer Bank Denmark

Adrian Cockle: Social Insights = Sticky Content – Not Available

Adrian Cockle, Digital and Social Media Strategy Consultant at Hootsuite

Esben Skrumsager & Sofie Folden Lund, Bilbasen: How To Get More Views Than Premiere League – With the Cheapest Car in Town

Esben Skrumsager, Editor at Bilbasen

Sofie Folden Lund, Head of Communications and Content at eBay DK

Irina Pashina: Content Marketing the SAP Way: 5 Lessons from Translating Customer Insights into Impactful Content Experiences

Irina Pashina, Senior Director, Content Marketing   | Content Strategy | Customer Experience at SAP

Charlotte Ferris & Lisbeth Meng Collignon: How Velux launched the World’s first Virtual Reality Daylight App – MyDaylight

Charlotte Ferris
Manager, Global Digital Channel Planning at VELUX

Lisbeth Meng Collignon
Senior Director, Market Communications at VELUX

Lars Damgaard Jensen: 9 Simple Yet Powerful Content Marketing Hacks Every B2B Marketer Should Implement Tomorrow

Lars Damgaard Jensen, COO at Brand Movers

Jon Burkhart: Constant Curiosity: How Brands Earn Trust By Asking Firecracker Questions 

Jon Burkhart,
Content Strategist and Game-inar Inventor

Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus: Video Marketing: How To Not Suck At It

Chris ‘Kubby’ Kubbernus,
Founder and CEO of Kubb&co

Robert Rose: Killing Marketing: Content-Driven Strategies in a post-digital world

Robert Rose, Content Marketing and Customer Experience Expert & Bestselling Author

A little something extra for you from Brand Movers - In Danish

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They Attended

  • Aasted Aps
  • AD Anita Dalsgaard
  • Agillic ApS
  • Aller Media
  • Anthill Agency A/S
  • Arla Foods Amba
  • B&R Industri automatisering A/S
  • BabySam A/S
  • Benjamin_Creative
  • Berlingske Media A/S
  • Biites ApS
  • Blue Water Shipping A/S
  • Bluegarden A/S
  • BM Group International APS
  • Brand Movers
  • BroBizz A/S
  • C.C. Jensen A/S
  • Carat Danmark A/S
  • Cardano
  • Casalogic A/S
  • Centerforeningen Lyngby Storcenter
  • Coloplast A/S
  • Content Marketing DK
  • Create // Medielover
  • Creativ Company A/S
  • Cryos International – Denmark ApS
  • Danfoss A/S
  • Danske Bank A/S
  • Dansk Markedsføring
  • Delfi Technologies A/S
  • DFDS A/S
  • DHI
  • DIBS Payment Services A/S
  • eBay Classifieds Danmark Aps
  • Egetæpper A/S
  • Egmont Publishing A/S
  • Electrolux Home Products Denmark A/S
  • FDM Travel A/S
  • Festool Danmark ApS
  • FK Distribution A/S
  • Force Technology
  • Geomatic A/S
  • GF Forsikring A/S
  • Gjensidige forsikring
  • GlobalConnect A/S
  • GroupM Denmark A/S
  • Hjaltelin Stahl K/S
  • Håndvæ A/S
  • Hootsuite
  • IDA Ingeniørforeningen i Danmark
  • IF Skadeforsikring
  • Infomedia A/S
  • Jysk Fynske Medier P/S
  • Jyske Finans A/S
  • Klausen + Partners A/S
  • Kubb&Co.
  • KYOCERA Danmark A/S
  • LEGO System A/S
  • LeasePlan Danmark A/S
  • LinkedIn
  • Lounge44
  • Magnetix Linked by Isobar A/S
  • MTG Danmark
  • Museum Vestsjælland
  • Native Advertising Institute
  • Nestlé Danmark A/S
  • Nordea Ejendomme
  • Novicell ApS
  • Novozymes A/S
  • Publico Kommunikation ApS
  • Quooker Norge A/S
  • Quooker Skandinavien A/S
  • Rambøll Management A/S
  • Rentokil-Initial
  • Santander Consumer Bank
  • Satair A/S
  • Scandic Hotels A/S
  • SAP
  • Scanenergi A/S
  • Selected Media
  • SIA “Seko zimen”
  • Someco Ltd.
  • Spar Nord Bank A/S
  • STEP A/S
  • Strandmøllen A/S
  • Strossle Denmark ApS
  • Sund & Bælt A/S
  • Synopsys QuantumWise ApS
  • TimeXtender A/S
  • Travelmarket A/S
  • TrustWorks ApS
  • Tryg Forsikring A/S
  • Verdo Go Green A/S
  • VIA Kommunikation
  • VIA University College
  • VisitDenmark
  • Visma Bluegaarden
  • Wallmans Cirkusbygningen A/S
  • Xpose360 GmbH
  • Ældre Sagen