Speakers Only – How to Plan for Clever Content Conference

Stuff You Really Need to Know Before Coming to Copenhagen

So we tried heaps of strategies in the past to get our busy speakers to read our emails. Some of it worked, and some of it… Well, there’s a reason this page came to life.
The ‘Speakers Only!’ page holds all the info you need before getting on the plane to Copenhagen in April.
The site is updated occasionally. Of course, the terms and conditions of our arrangements with you will remain the same.
We are still going to email you about updates and useful info to make sure you are 100% in the loop at all times.
Give the page a read and come back and check for updates before take off.

Important Deadlines

The deadlines below are the final-final deadlines. If you can, please send the material before..!

February 1st
Bio and portrait:
Short bio – 5-10 lines
Photo: Min. 400×400 portrait for promotional use on the website.

March 4th
Presentation Pitch:
Short presentation pitch outlining your subject and main points.
To make the best possible program for yourself and our audience, we need to know about your ideas and subject.
When in doubt, ask our Head of Events at stine.holmgaard@brandmovers.com.

April 1st
Final presentation + Handout material:
Deadline for the final presentation in PowerPoint or Keynote.
Preferred format: 16:9
20 slides or less.
Handout material (cheat sheets, e-books, etc.) if any. PDF.
We need your presentation a little beforehand to make sure it is integrated into the event flow. If it’s possible, we would like to upload your material to a closed Slideshare page after you get off stage. We experience a high demand from our audience to get these. If your presentation entails confidential numbers and names, then we would appreciate a revised version, just as a PDF. If you do NOT wish to share your decks, please let us know in advance.


As you can see in our agenda, Day 1 starts on April 9th at 08:30 with registration and breakfast. After a full day of insightful sessions and keynotes, we end at 16:40.
You will then have a few hours to kick back before we meet up for the speaker dinner at 19:30.
The exact location for the dinner will be updated soon, however, it will be in the office neighborhood which is that of the Carlsberg village. We will send out an email about this.

If you are involved in Day 2, we meet at 9:00 for morning coffee at the workshop. Location TBA. The program ends at 15:00.

Click here for the full agenda.

Conference format

The conference design this year entails two different formats:

Keynotes (40 min):
The conference starts with a morning keynote and ends with an afternoon keynote. The duration is 40 minutes, Q&A included.
Presentation Tracks (30 min):
Between the keynotes, we have divided the presentations into tracks. We have two tracks running simultaneously to accommodate the potential difference between the interest and needs among B2B and B2C marketers. Some of the topics covered are Storytelling, CRM and dialogue program management, GDPR, Influencer marketing, Content marketing, and more.

Equipment and Tech:

  • Stage (2×3 meters)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Handheld mic 
  • Headset mic 
  • Screens and projectors
  • Wireless remote
  • A laptop loaded with your presentation
  • Confidence Monitor displaying slides (not notes)
  • Sound Capabilities for videos
  • Sound system w/ CD-player
  • Blackout curtains
  • Grand pianos
  • Reception

Speaker Guide

If you want to revisit our speaker guide to read more about presentations specifications and our expectations for your presentation, you can download the guide that applies to you here.
Speaker Guide 30 minutes (Track)
Speaker Guide 40 minutes (Keynote)

Handouts are most welcome

If you have physical content the participants simply cannot live without, you are welcome to include this in your conference kit. We are happy to collect this and make a ‘Clever Kit’ to be included in our goodie bag set-up.

So, if you have blog posts, cheat sheet templates, reports or e-books you want to share, please provide us with a unique link. We will then take care of the rest – no sales material though!

Tips to dazzle a Scandinavian audience:

The ‘Scandies’ are not that great at asking questions in a plenum. But if you ask them relevant and inclusive questions during your presentation they will engage.
Besides that, the Scandies are suckers for humor. Self-deprecating, dark humor is great preso tactics – you will win over the entire room if you sprinkle a little ‘fun’ throughout your talk.

Stories are golden – especially the ones that hold valuable learnings. If you are equally generous and bold, you will share a good mix of success stories AND stories that conclude on what NOT to do.
You’ll get points from our Head of Events if you engage the audience. A full day of powerpoints both can and will kill even the most attentive attendee.

Last but not least, leave the sales pitch at home – This does not belong on stage at Clever Content Conference and the audience hate it. This includes product demos as well – life is simply too short…
(You never know… We might just add rotten tomatoes and eggs to the goodie bags as a handy ‘express yourself kit’)

When preparing your presentation, you can consult with Seth Godin’s “How to fix really bad PowerPoints” to avoid the most common mistakes (unless you are already a preso wizard).

Leave out slides with complex tables and technical explanations and specifications. Our experience is that it is a killer for the audience to decode.
Why make people fall asleep when you can make them laugh or even feel enlightened, right?


The conference will take place in central Copenhagen at the Mogens Dahl Concert Hall. The venue is about 3,5 km from Brand Movers’ office. If you have accommodation included in your speaker agreement, your room will be booked at the brand new Hotel Otilia next to our office building. The speaker dinner on Day 1 will take place in this area, as well as the workshop on Day 2.
Are you in charge of your own accommodation, we encourage you to book the same hotel. However, if you prefer to stay closer to the conference venue, hotels such as Copenhagen Island and Radisson Blu are very close by.

Conference venue address:

Snorresgade 22
2300 Copenhagen, Denmark
T: +45 7023 0082
E: info@mogensdahl.dk
Maps: Google Knows!

Brand Movers’ address:

Bryggernes Plads 17, 3
1799 Copenhagen, Denmark
T: +45 23235929
E: Stine.Holmgaard@brandmovers.dk
Maps: Google Knows!


The conference venue is within walking distance from the metro stop Islands Brygge Station.

Traveler’s tip 1: Copenhagen has one airport – Kastrup Airport – with 3 terminals, all within walking distance from each other.
Usually, the wait at the security and passport control is very limited.

Traveler’s tip 2: You can use your VISA and Mastercard to purchase tickets for public transportation (Trains and Metro) at the airport. Additionally, the taxi’s in Copenhagen all accept credit cards.

Traveler’s tip 3: Uber is no longer permitted in Denmark.

Traveler’s tip 4: Finding an ATM is not that tricky in Central Copenhagen. Often, the ATM’s are located either on the outside or inside of the banks.  You will also find exchange shops at the airport and in the center of Copenhagen. The Danish currency is Danish Kroner, but you will also be able to pay with euro in department stores downtown.

And while you are at it, go ahead and find a good deal on your airfare today @ www.momondo.com

NB: Once you know your time of arrival and departure, our event manager, Ann-Sofie, would love to be looped in, so she can help you plan the logistics of your stay. Send her an email: ann-sofie@brandmovers.dk.

Yes, we are promoting the heck out of Clever Content Conference 2019 – CM Style!

During the next months, we will be promoting the conference on social media and throughout our own online and offline channels.

You can find us on Twitter @CleverContentDK. We will be promoting the event here as well as on all Brand Movers and Dansk Markedsførings owned channels and we will do our best to introduce you to the CCDK crowd, by asking questions, interacting and contributing with insights, blog posts, and the like.

If you don’t know already, Dansk Markedsføring is the biggest union of marketing professionals in Denmark.
Together, our hope is to engage as many participants as possible before the conference.
Ultimately, the reach is good and the community is curious, so let’s give them a great dose of content marketing wisdom before, during, and after the conference.

Official Conference Hashtag: #CCDK19

We hope you are keen on helping us promote the event to your peers as well.

VIDEO: If you have the time and energy to do a real snappy conference promotion video that we can use as part of our promotion mix, please speak up. WE WOULD LOVE TO INCLUDE YOU!

Content opportunities

We might reach out to you in the weeks leading up to the conference and ask for a short interview. Editorial content is always a good thing when spreading the word about your event.

If you’d like to tease about your speaker appearance in newsletters, industry publications, on websites or on your profiles on SoMe, feel free to use the official speaker badge or use our video below.

Contact: Ann-Sofie Rokbøl
Phone: +45 23235929
Email: ann-sofie@brandmovers.dk